In order to undertake effective strategic choices, we carry out an extensive activity of study and analysis of the specific needs. Then, we implement an efficient strategy that follows the company’s mission and objectives.

  • Market and Competitor’s Analysis, and release of strategic positioning map
  • SWOT analysis, definition of the key factors of the business and of the company’s value proposition
  • Development of innovative strategies for the launch of new products and services
  • Release of the Business Plan
  • Business valuations and support to potential negotiations with investors and external partners

“There is no favourable wind for the sailor who doesn’t know where to go.”

We elaborate business marketing strategies that create value for products and services and that help companies increase their sales and their brand value.

  • Market segmentation aimed to identify the Target Segment
  • Optimization of the portfolio of products and Brand Enhancement
  • Sales planning, definition of the KPIs and Dashboard for their monitoring; definition and organization of the sales force and of their objectives
  • Support in the organization of the promotional events and in the realization of advertising campaigns
  • Pricing and Marginality Models

“Think Like a Consumer”
Paul Gillin

In order to transform entrepreneurial ideas into concrete projects, we follow the development of Startups and SMEs. We have the objective to increase their value and reinforce them.

  • Market analysis and business model definition
  • Economic and Financial planning supported by the related scenario
  • Marketing and planning of sales
  • Organizational structuring and HR
  • Legal and administrative support

“A man with a new idea is a crank until the idea succeeds” 
Mark Twain

From the organizational point of view, we handle the effects of change management, given by both internal and external factors, which can impact the business and its activities.

  • Analysis, design and reorganization of the business that include the applicable Organizational Chart and the definition of the Functional Structure
  • Definition of the job descriptions and support of the desired profiles’ research
  • Business Process Reengineering (BPR) with a mapping of the business processes and a drafting of the procedures’ handbook
  • Design and implementation of qualitative systems
  • Definition of management reporting

“Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.”
J.F. Kennedy

In planning and defining objectives, we arrange with clients both resources and tools needed in order to achieve the goals within the defined time, and through the forecast procedures.

  • Project design and budgeting
  • Management and coordination of national and international projects throughout their life-cycle
  • Implementation and monitoring of the project
  • Arrangement of reporting systems for the project
  • Resource and reporting control

“Our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan, in which we must fervently believe, and upon which we must vigorously act.”
Pablo Picasso

For what concerns Risk Management and Compliance, we define internal control systems in order to achieve a better and more risk-aware management.

  • Analysis, planning and implementation of internal control systems (i.e. L. 262/2005, Sarbanes Oxley Act)
  • Definition of investigative models, anti-fraud and anti-corruption risk management (i.e. D.Lgs. 231/2001, etc.)
  • Risk management for anti-money laundering and privacy of data
  • Definition of testing activities and execution of control activities
  • Social reporting, planning and implementation of the document and the measuring systems for the company’s social impact

“The best we can do is taking opportunities, calculating their risks, estimating our ability to handle them, and doing our projects with trust.”
Henry Ford

In order to open up the international markets for a business, we define the entry strategies and identify the best credit opportunities on the market. We also help building partnerships with national and international players.

  • Support in entering new international markets
  • Release of market analysis (geopolitical, legal and commercial)
  • Identification of partnership opportunities both at national and international level in order to implement commercial deals, joint ventures, etc.
  • Identification of financing opportunities and defining a proposal for the calls
  • Administrative support for both national and international financing

“If you can dream it, you can do it.”
Walt Disney

We carry out a constant monitoring activity looking for public and private financing both at a national and European level. In addition to that, we study the offers and proposals needed.

  • Screening and selection of both public and private financing opportunities
  • Support in drafting and releasing the proposal
  • Administrative and legal assistance in the follow-up and reporting phases
  • Identification of Italian and foreign partners for building a consortium, partnerships or joint ventures
  • Support in defining the structure of the association of businesses or partnerships, and in the negotiation phase

“If you would like to know the value of money, go and try to borrow some.”
Benjamin Franklin

In tax and accounting matters, we provide specialist consultancies in order to start businesses and to handle accounting and revenue compliance.

  • Creation of the company and release of statutes, framework and activity launch for individual companies and professionals
  • Accounting – reports and tax compliance, tax reports and telematics services for the completion of tax and social insurance compliance, company registration to chamber of commerce and CCIAA certificates
  • Consultancy, assistance and representation in the tax pre-litigation and litigation stages with both tax and social insurance Administrations
  • Job consultancy and calculations, administrative, tax and social insurance performances related to both employed and self-employed work
  • Estimations and valuations of businesses, transformations, rent and purchase/sale of businesses, liquidations and consultancy for Real Estate Management

“Balance is the Report Card of Investors” 
Helmar Nahr