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Service company of the Italian Banking Association, a point of reference for publishing, training, research and the organization of events dedicated to the banking and financial sector and its main interlocutors.
Projects (2018-current): Implementation of the audits for the accounts receivable and the accounts payable of the company, in accordance with the organizational, management and control model pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001.

Banca Alpi Marittime logo

Banca delle Alpi Marittime

Co-operative bank that grants the participation of local operators (companies and families) to the economic life.
Projects (2013-2014): design and functional analysis of the assessment tool for the internal audit of a web platform; compliance intervention for the requirement of the law of bank transparency; analysis and revision of the economic and general conditions in the information and contractual documents of the banks’ products.


Subsidiary of Hochtief AG that offers insurance and reinsurance services for group and third-party businesses worldwide.
Project (2018-present): Preparation, loading and migration of the data from the previous system to the new IT system “SICS”; Validation and reconciliation of data uploaded; Design, realization and release of Business Objects (Business Intelligence solution) reports to support and monitor the business strategy and to attain certification requests for the Governance, Accounting, Actuary, Technical, Finance, Risk and Reporting departments.

Camping S’Ena Arrubia

This camping village is located in Arborea, Oristano province, in the mid-western coast of Sardinia. Enclosed in the extraordinary scenery of the protected area from which it owes the name, the camping is surrounded by greenery, shadowed by an ancient pine forest, with direct access to the beach.
Projects (2018-current): support in the definition of the business plan in terms of economic plan and financial evaluation for the project for accessible tourism ‘S’Ena Arrubia for All’.

Cisma Ambiente

Company working in the special waste management sector.
Projects (2015-2017): release of a proposal for intervening in in the waste management and ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of oil installations addressed to a potential foreign institutional investor; release of a presentation for the cement European industry to start potential partnerships.

EC – Credits4Health

Project in the health sector financed by the European Commission in the 7th programme framework.
Activities (09/2013 – 09/2016): support for project management activities (stakeholder analysis); identification of valuations models with both economic and social impact for the assessment of pilot studies; identification of the strategy of the IPR commercial exploitation and release of the industrial plan of the project.


Startup that produces modular wooden slot tracks with a digital application.
Projects (2012-2015): revision of the business plan and definition of the inventory management system.

Dorna World SBK

Company that organizes all events related to the World SuperBike Championship.
Projects (2017 – current): realization of a Risk and Control Matrix to update of the organizational model and activities of internal audit analysis (ex D.Lgs. 231/2001); Development of the Audit for both account receivables and account payables cycles of the company; Audit on the sales commissions.


E-learning company specialized in the consultancy, development and implementation of training contents and of e-training systems and processes.
Projects (2017 – current):development of strategic planning and review of both organizational chart and corporate structure

e-geos logo


E-Geos is a company that operates in the fields of Earth observation and geospatial information.
Project (2019-2020): Development of the Audit for account payables cycles.

Easy Care s.r.l.

Company that integrates new technological solutions with the daily life.
Project (2017): release of the business plan and economical evaluation aimed at presenting the project of the company “Easy Wash Pass” (app developed to handle the payment and the services of Car Washes from the smartphone); support in researching and, eventually, in the entrance of investors; design and implementation of a promotional and commercial strategy.

Ente Nazionale per il Microcredito

The National Authority for Micro-financing is a public organization carrying out several activities promoting small loans and small financing at a national and international level.
Project (2019-current): Execution of courses aimed at promoting self-employment between NEET (Not (engaged) in Education, Employment or Training).


Engineering company.
Projects (2012-current): update of the organizational model and activities of internal audit analysis (ex D.Lgs. 231/2001); definition of the new administrative and accountant procedures; planning and realization of a Project Management training.

Marullo logo

F.lli Marullo

Food company specialized in processing pistachio and dried fruit.
Project (2016-2017): analysis of the economic and financial situation and support in releasing the Industrial Plan for investors.

Fondazione Magna Grecia

Fondazione Magna Grecia carries out effective projects for the social and economic development of Mezzogiorno in strategic sectors such as culture, tourism, research, employment and entrepreneurship.
Projects (2019): Realization of a Risk and Control Matrix and elaboration of the organizational model (ex D.Lgs. 231/2001) and of the main internal procedures (e.g. passive cycle management, selection and recruitment of staff, etc.).

Gruppo Fortunato logo

Gruppo Fortunato

Gruppo Fortunato is an Italian company that has been designing and producing high-end mattresses for more than 20 years.

Projects (2020): Production of 3-years industrial plan; creation of the business plan.

Helio logo


Helio manufactures the first solar oven for high-quality cooking.
Projects (2017-2019): Business model analysis and fundraising activities.

Impacto Training logo

Impacto Training

Company that works in the sport sector providing an innovative training method.
Projects (2016 – 2018): release of the business plan, definition of the promotional campaign, market analysis and strategic support in the expansion of the “Impacto Training” model all over Italy.


Company that aims to realize and integrate infrastructures able to increase the opportunities to have access to fast internet.
Project (2014): establishing the guidelines and the reporting scheme of the social report, and establishing the model for measuring social impact.

Istituto per il Credito Sportivo

Public Bank whose mission is mainly focused on financing sport and cultural activities in Italy.
Projects (2012-current): re-engineering business processes related to credit; organizational restructuring; strategic planning and market analysis; project management; management by objectives (MBO); support in defining the strategic planning of the Bank, and in releasing the commercial plan; definition and revising procedures and internal regulations (ex: regulation on the related parties; anti money laundering procedures, purchasing cycle, first contact with customers, finance, BCE auctions etc.); support to the introduction of a ticketing system for internal requests.

Italwood logo


Since 1994, Italwood operates in implementing new solutions and approaches in the use of wood and parquet.
Project (2020): Development of the business plan.

Kemonia River

Innovative social startup operating in music sector.
Project (2018): Business and financial plan definition for the production and launch of a keyboard for music notation to be used by blind people.

Magnolia eventi logo

Magnolia Eventi

Company operating in the catering and banqueting.
Projects (2014-2015): definition of the new communication plan along with a market analysis, identification of the typologies of communication channels through which interacting with the targeted customers.
Project (2018): analysis and definition of procedures and organizational chart during the re-organization project of the company.


Construction company operating in the road and railway infrastructures sector.
Projects (2012-current): update of the organizational model and activities of internal audit analysis (ex D.Lgs. 231/2001); remediation plan and reporting; legal due diligence with revision, analysis of contracts and analysis of deals underlying the internal transactions.; revision of the management control model; new procedures and resource training; support in training resources and in structuring the Project Management courses; strategic support in defining the organizational structure; supporting activities for ISO 37001 certification; company procedures review project.


ODLA is an accessible keyboard for the digital writing of music. Extremely easy-to-use, it features a unique in its genre embossed staff, that naturally recalls the traditional music writing experience.
Project (2018-current): Website development, support in the online communication activities and creation of the reward-based crowdfunding campaign on ulule.it.

Onoranze Funebri Cloud logo

Onoranze Funebri Cloud

OFC is a cloud software designed to meet the needs of funeral agencies.
Project (2020): Development of the business plan.

Premia finance logo

Premia Finanziaria

Holding company.
Project (2010-2011): due diligence and compliance for the conformity check with the legal requirements set by the Italian Authority of Bank Supervision; organizational restructuring with a definition of the new organizational chart, mission, procedures, and main areas of responsibility.


Idea of S.I.T. & Management Srl Company that operates in IT sector.
Project (2017): support in the definition of Business Plan for ProntoPacco (last mile delivery service) in terms of economic plan and financial evaluation in 5 years projection for potential investors and commercial partners; fundraising activity and business development.

Risorse per Roma

Subsidiary company entirely held by Rome municipality, born to manage alienation activities of real estates of Rome.
Projects (2017): realization of a Risk and Control Matrix to update of the organizational model and activities of internal audit analysis (ex D.Lgs. 231/2001).

Siscom logo


Siscom operates in the field of environmental protection and mitigation of hydrogeological instability.
Project (2020-oggi): Development and update of the update of the organizational model (ex D.Lgs. 231/2001).


Smartphoners is a revolutionary app whose goal is to reduce distraction when driving through a data analysis algorithm.
Project (2018-current): Support during thr fundraising activity and creation of the equity crowdfunding campaign on MamaCrowd.it.

Stella Marina

Startup that has the objective to export the excellence of artisanal jewels and Made in Italy luxury accessories.
Projects (2012-2018): release of the business plan and of the internationalization plan in order to assess the economic and financial feasibility of the idea and to ask for national and international financing, both in the private and public sectors.


Construction company operating in the road and railway infrastructures sector.
Projects (2012-current): updating the organizational model and activities of internal audit analysis (ex D.Lgs. 231/2001); definition of the new organizational structure and of its delegation and power system; planning and implementing of a management control model; Business Process Reengineering in the administrative and accountant area; planning and realization of a Project Management training; company procedures review project.


Startup working in the development of systems and software for distance detection.
Project (2013): support in defining the project and release of the business plan aimed at participating in public financing with national and regional public entities.

uniderm logo


Uniderm is an Italian company that has been operating, for more than 40 years, in the pharmaceutical sector.

Project (2020-2021): Development of the industrial plan in preparation for the brand internationalization.

Università Mediterranea di Reggio Calabria

Project (2013): release of the business plan in order to answer to a national “call” with the aim of receiving public financing.

Vasca Lastella

Startup with the aim of launching on the market a reversible bathtub.
Projects (2012-2014): definition of the commercial plan; assessment of the License and revision of the market analysis.

YouGo logo


The company brings on the market an innovative approach in the field of long-term rental of cars and vehicles.
Project (2020): development of the business plan.